As a successful enterprising and entrepreneurial organisation that has over several decades of experience behind its name, Impex Insurance Brokers Limited is an organisation that constantly evolves and develops to meet the volatile and demanding needs of their customers. We have a history that speaks of achievements and success in the face of challenges, and an outlook that welcomes change and advancement in terms of improving the services we offer. Our flexible culture encourages maximum involvement from employees within the organisation, which allows innovative solutions to flow throughout the company, and consequently enables us to do what we do best -anticipate and satisfy the needs of our customers.
 We have always been from among the top insurance brokers in the country. Source: Commissioner’s Office Report in the Industry
Member of the governing council Tanzania Insurance Brokers
Association (TIBA).
Regularly awarded Certificate of Excellence by the NIC.
A tried and reliable service that has local trust, multinational
confidence, and international potential.
The following list self- set goals in indicative of the level of service we provide 
1.To increase our hold of the of the insurance broking market by another 6% by 2004.
2.To constantly re evaluate and enhance our services, thus offering the best there is always.
3.To be the ultimate one stop shop for all insurance needs.
4.To educate and create awareness among the general public of the important role that insurance plays in our lives.