The level of service that the company has harnessed to date has a great deal to do with the principles that it functions in accordance to. At Impex, one of the corner stones of the business is professionalism. This is something that is expected not only in how issues are handled, but in addition, also in the quality and background of our staff 
All the staff is highly qualified, experienced, trained and monitored in the post that they hold, and the business culture is one that fosters improvements, encourages progress, and enables opinions to be voiced.  
Presently, Impex offers services that fall into four categories 
1. Motor Insurance
2. Miscellaneous
3. Fire, Marine and Aviation
4. International Risks
A more detailed breakdown is provided below regarding the various services offered under each category.
1. Motor Insurance:
   1.Private motor
   2.Commercial motor
   3.Public Hire
   4.Motor Omnibus
   5.Motor Cycle
2. Miscellaneous
  1.Personal Accident
  2.Fidelity Guarantee
  3.Burglary Insurance
  4.Domestic Servants
  5.Medical Insurance
  6.All Risks Insurance
  7.Cash Cover
  8.Public Liability
  9.Workman’s Compensation
10.Plate Glass
11.Group Personal Accident
3. Fire, Marine & Aviation
  1.Loss of profit
  2.Fire Insurance
  3.Householder’s Comprehensive
  4.House Owner’s Comprehensive
  5.Boat / Ship insurance
  6.Marine Insurance, including goods in transit
4. International Risks
  1.Contractor’s All Risk
  2.Performance Bond
  3.Advance Payment Bond
  4.Reinsurance Brokers
We have always been from among the top insurance brokers in the country…
Source: Commissioner’s Office Report in the Industry
Impex Insurance Brokers Limited is:
Member of the governing council Tanzania Insurance Brokers Association (TIBA).
Regularly awarded Certificate of Excellence by the NIC.
A tried and reliable service that has local trust, multinational confidence, and international potential.
The following list self- set goals in indicative of the level of service we provide 
To increase our hold of the of the insurance broking market by another 6% by 2004.
To constantly re evaluate and enhance our services, thus offering the best there is always.
To be the ultimate one stop shop for all insurance needs.
To educate and create awareness among the general public of the important role that insurance plays in our lives.